We are the leading Laptop service Providing Center located in Chennai. Our team of engineers is well-Qualified, well-trained, experienced and skilled Engineers who can troubleshoot and fix any type of Laptop Problems.

We basically deal in reputed brands of Laptops only including Lenovo, Acer, HP, Dell, Samsung, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, LG, MSI, Apple, and Fujitsu Siemens.

We do provide repair and replacement services on AMC basis so if you are running your own company where you have installed office laptops for your employees then you can give us a call and enroll for our AMC services. Our team would give your repair and replacement service according to the terms and conditions agreed by both of the parties.


India service Centre lets you get the most out of your computer - no matter how you use it.


  • Laptop Broken LCD/ Display
  • Hanging/Freezing
  • Booting Problems
  • Track-Pad Not Working
  • Hard Disc Failure
  • OS Corrupted
  • and More..

    We offer a range of delivery and pickup options, so you can choose the shipping method that best meets your needs.


    Looking for the original Laptop spares in India. We have biggest Notebook companies spare parts available.

    Laptop Screen - Service Center Chennai

    In the event that your Laptop all of a sudden turns off and doesn't turn on, at that point there are two or three reasons why this is occurring. Some of the time when you turn on your workstation, everything lights up, the fan is running, yet the Laptop screen is dark or ceaselessly restarts.

    Laptop Motherboard Service in Chennai

    Motherboard corrupt is one of the most testing issues any client or expert can confront just in light of the fact that there are various factors to consider.

    • Physically damaged parts
    • Look out for unusual burning odor
    • Random lock ups or freezing issues
    • Blue screen of death

    Laptop Data Recovery in Chennai

    Numerous upsetting circumstances should prevent a client from beginning their laptop accurately, or getting to hard drive information regularly. How to recoup information from a dead workstation hard drive?

    Laptop Service Centre in Chennai

    Is your laptop not working appropriately? All things considered, you have two options; attempt to deal with the issues yourself and delay or, connect with our Authorized Repair Center and complete recover in an effectively fast and complete manner.

    Laptop Hardware/Software Issues Service

    1) Remote Technical Assistance

    2) A 24x7 Support Policy

    • A fluid has spilled on the motherboard
    • Blue screen of Death is Steady
    • Can’t you able to easily work with computer your keyboard
    • Any issue in Display

    Multi Brand Laptop Service Center in Chennai

    Full of skill and dedication technicians perform critical maintenance of your laptops and chip-level repair. All the laptop models and products of HP, IBM, Dell, Compaq Presario, Lenovo, Sony, etc. can be managed with expertise by our dedicated expert team. All types of motherboard issues such as laptop restart, laptop suspension.

    Power DC Jack Repair Service Center

    DC Jack Socket Laptop and DC Port Fix Laptop. DC power jack problems can't start your laptop? We will solve your problem here. Laptop power / dc jack repair problem repairing experts case. Many of the service centres, too costly and not a solution to your question, advise you to switch your motherboard. Our team of technicians is specialized in the repair of all laptops on component levels.

    Touch Repair & Replacement Center in Chennai

    If your computer breaks Sceen, or Touch isn't working, your daily work will stop completely. The most effective and timely Broken Laptop Service is provided by our Laptop Service Center, which can repair any damage such as plastic panel damage, partial or completely broken panels, hinges damage or structural deformations. You can quickly repair your broken laptop.

    Panel Repair Service Center

    Would your computer back panel be irritated? A common problem is having problems with your laptop board. You need your laptop panel replaced or repaired? We're going to quickly repair your laptop. We guarantee high-quality, low-cost service. Until we take any steps to fix any issues with your system errors, our qualified professional engineers make a free test of your laptop free of charge.

    Blue Screen Repair Service Center

    Don't look any further for qualified laptop reparations, as we offer the best service through high-tech infused Blue screen repair methods. We offer an expert handling of high quality laptop software. Any laptop motherboard is the most important component and requires qualified professionals.

    Hard Disk Problems Service Center

    Is your computer having problems? Therefore, do not worry, we give you the best service for getting the best out of your computer. For all leading brands of laptops, we have competitive service discounts. Call our customer service center to fix hard disk problems quickly. So quickly fix problems with the laptop hard disk failure

    Bottom Case Service in Chennai

    Do your simple laptop problems need to be repaired? No panic, we're here to fix your computer, fed up with laptop problem. Easy to repair, we should. We offer different sizes of boxes to replace yours if they are missing or broken: box 10 to 18 cm, in black or white available. Such laptops all have a well-known advantage: simple use and portability: perfect combination of power, design and visual quality.

    Panel Replacement in Chennai

    HP, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Sony, Acer Asus replacement LCD screen for the best price. Does your computer back panel make you irritated? Need your laptop board to be replaced or repaired? We're going to quickly patch your computer. We guarantee high-quality and low-cost operation. Our experienced professional engineers make a free assessment of your laptop.

    Track Pad Problems Service Center

    Chennai Laptop Touchpad Repair. No issue repairing within no time at best price. Laptop touch pad. We are the leading laptop touchpad repair company in Chennai, India for all laptop brands and models. We offer the original spares expert service. Tell your customer care team if you have any concerns or need help.

    Speaker Repair Center in Chennai

    Is your notebook or laptop having trouble dealing with internal speakers? The sound isn't sufficiently clear? Join us. Contact us. In Chennai we are the cheapest, fastest and most trustworthy service available for all kinds of laptop repairs. We offer fast delivery and fast repair, and this is not guaranteed to be hard on your wallet.

Our Laptop Service Center offers:

  • Laptop servicing facilities
  • Laptop Peripherals
  • Anti-virus Software
  • Licensing
  • Repairs and replacement services
  • Laptop Spares
  • Laptop Accessories

Post-Sales support is an important part of any business. Most of the companies offer excellent sales services but fail to provide the best post-sale services.

At our Laptop center in Chennai, you get everything. We value our customers first so offer pre-sales and post-sales services at our best level. We make sure none of your calls is left unattended. Because we strongly believe that customer's gain is our gain.

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